Society's Offerings

The Society meets for the weekend twice a year, once in Britain in June and once in countries of Continental Europe in the Autumn. The programme of the British Summer meeting, held at an appropriate stately home, consists of the annual general meeting, followed by short lectures by botanists who are leaders in their field, renowned garden designers and landscape architects, or leading growers, all of whom we are fortunate to count amongst our membership.

There are demonstrations of boxwood cultivars and frame topiary, a 'shop' selling books and relevant products, a 'Meet the Experts' session where members can ask questions or seek help with their individual problems, an auction to raise funds for the Society plus visits to nearby gardens on the following day where topiary or boxwood is a particular feature. A Topiary Event, to which the general public is admitted, is also held by the Society.

The Continental European meeting consists of garden, nursery and chateau visits where the Society gains access to gardens of importance not normally open to the public.

Each occasion offers members the chance to meet together in congenial surroundings and to share their knowledge and experiences and learn new techniques.

The Society publishes an annual magazine called 'Topiarius' which is produced in English and French. Later, it may be published in other European languages also. There is also an on-line version in English and other languages to follow.

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