The Internet (like a piece of topiary) is ever-changing. At the time of going to press these details are correct, but may well be modified by the individual webmasters. If you would like this list, containing the hyperlinks, emailed to you so that you can load the sites directly from the list, please send a message to [email protected] Website for Langley Boxwood Nursery. Website for Versailles Website for Chatsworth Website for Crown Topiary Nursery (under construction May00) Contact details for the American Boxwood Society. Website of The English Gardening School Article on topiary from online gardening magazine Site selling Topiary online. Topiary nursery website Website for Levens Hall Museum of Garden History website The National Gardens Scheme (Yellow Book) site Kimberley Boxwood Gardens n Oregon, USA Royal Horticultural Society Website Site for The Romantic Garden Nursery Topiary specialist Topiary on the Net, including pages devoted to EBTS. Supplier of mature specimen topiary Website for Torhill Topiary Nursery Journal on Restoring Classic Gardens Website for Wimpole Hall

Apologies to any websites that have been omitted. A search for sites containing the word Topiary produced an impossible to sort through 15,058 sites!
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