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Véronique says goodbye!

Countess Véronique Goblet dAlviella, EBTS Founder General Secretary and Secretary for Belgium, is stepping down after eight years. A meeting was held at Court-Saint-Etienne on March 29th 2004 to nominate the new EBTS Secretary for Belgium. Here she says goodbye
and introduces Christian Donck.

I have decided to step down as General Secretary as well as Secretary for Belgium. I feel that the time has come for new dynamism in the Society. Already enthusiasm for new projects is emerging. It is quite wonderful to me that the yes I said to Mark Braimbridge in 1996 has led me into the rewarding world of horticulture and the successful society that you are supporting today.

Marks idea for a European joint venture was a good one. I admit that it has been a real challenge for me. With great knowledge of motherhood and a passion for gardening, I knew little of horticulture at the time. Nonetheless, we managed to set up a leading society for Buxus and the art of topiary. Now we need new leaders to take it further. Already there are plans to create a new website in Holland and France and to upgrade the one in the UK.
Christian Donck will be the new leader we need in Belgium. An excellent linguist, he will bring North and South closer together as well as organizing visits with Holland and France. Christian has retired now but keeps very busy. He is on the committee of Evergreen, another garden society. He is a keen gardener, a creative and highly skilled topiarist as well as a talented artist. Recently we were invited to see his garden. It is immaculate with lots of beautiful topiary and cared for entirely by his wife, Evelyne, and himself. We are very fortunate to have met Christian. Thank you and good luck.
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