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John Glenn takes a light-hearted look at gardenings greatest enigma& the Maze

Well just go in here, so that you can say youve been, but its very simple. Its absurd to call it a maze. You keep on taking the first turning to the right. Well just keep walking round for ten minutes, and then go and get some lunch. Said Harris, one of Jerome K Jeromes famous three. This confident remark was addressed to his country cousin before they entered the Maze at Hampton Court. The story continued. Harris kept turning to the right, but it seemed a long way, and his cousin said he supposed it was a very big maze. Oh one of the largest in Europe, said Harris. Yes it must be, replied the cousin, because weve walked a good two miles already. It proved to be all one would hope for in a maze, eventually confounding not only Harris, his attached crowd of sundry people and his cousin, but also ensnaring the young keeper attempting to rescue them.

In our own baffling high-tech age, some modern maze-makers have moved their creations from the traditional stage of parks and gardens and into the world of computers and the Internet where they tease and challenge their fellow puzzlers. Images of ephemeral cornfield mazes, a recent phenomenon, regularly appear in newspapers and on television and are believed by some to be created by visiting aliens. Psychological theories abound as to why mazes and labyrinths have continued to intrigue and challenge mankind throughout history. Some are fascinating and some even contain a tincture of truth, but thankfully all are beyond the pen and intellect of this old yew grower, so we will pass on and out into the more familiar areas of the garden.
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