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Box enjoys an ever increasing popularity in most German gardens by now and is mostly used in shaping those pretty small frontgardens left to nowadays modern buildings. Lovely, old-fashioned examples of "parterres" are found in many cottage gardens all over the country: On a smaller scale in the south (Bavaria, alpine and pre-alpine regions) and with the farm houses being much larger (and richer) in the north: There some farmhouse (cottage garden) box parterres have already almost "gentry like" dimensions.

And then all over Germany we got the Baroque and Renaissance Gardens of all those "Schlösser", the castles of our many smaller and larger former feudal lords. Neglected since 1918 they are now finally receiving a new life and many of the lost ones are even being re-created. A famous example, among many others is Schloss Herrenhausen in Hanover. Other than in England our monasteries (at least in the catholic parts of Germany) did survive and with them those strictly and quite simply laid out gardens, shaped with box.


There is almost no Topiary on a larger scale like in England (with Yew e.g) to be found in private German gardens. There is no tradition existing. An exception are a few almost stately large farmhouses with Topiary Yew (and Box) Gardens near and around Cloppenburg in Northwest Germany. Otherwise Topiary on a grander scale is only found (though not often) in some Baroque gardens of one of our "Schlösser", castles. Usually old, large clipped Yew hedges.

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