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  • To encourage, improve and extend the cultivation of boxwood and to disseminate knowledge of boxwood and topiary in all its forms by means of publications, promotions, exhibitions, scientific research, European co-operation and exchange, meetings, European conferences and other appropriate activities.

  • To provide an educated forum and network for the exchange of expertise, experience and information about the social, cultural, scientific and historic use of box and topiary.
  • To identify and promote best practice relating to the training and pruning of plants and decorative use of trees and shrubs in different gardening cultures through meetings, conferences, research, exhibitions, publications, training courses and networks.
  • To extend knowledge of the vital rôle of box and topiary in the European heritage patrimony, where these plants are critical in providing the intrinsic structure to historic gardens.
  • To document and archive craft skills relating to the art of topiary and to deepen and extend the creative aesthetics of hedge and plant training in landscape, commercial, town planning, domestic, urban and rural.
  • To deepen scientific knowledge of the plants used in hedges and topiary, improve cultivation techniques, to understand plant pathology and diseases and their treatment.
  • To extend botanical taxonomy and our knowledge of box, encourage the preservation of box in the wild as well as other topiary species.
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