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Craft Skills and Training
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Expert Tips

Beware of overfeeding as plants can scorch badly with the application of too strong a fertilizer. Apply granular fertiliser at a reduced rate, just beyond the line of foliage. Water in thoroughly.
Don’t let dead box leaves accumulate inside or underneath plants as this may encourage fungal diseases.
The best time to take boxwood cuttings is in late summer. Select 10-15cm long shoot tips, strip the lower two thirds of the stem of its leaves and plant this portion in the ground. Choose a shady site, firm in and water and you should have rooted plants by next spring. You can also take cuttings in very early spring before the new growth commences.
Lay sheets down before you start clipping and ideally clipping should be done in late May or early June with a further tidy up in August.
As if you need another reason for growing box, it is one of the few plants that the vine weevils seem to hate!
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Pest Control in Boxwood
A report by EBTS in 1997 on work on a new project.
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