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Craft Skills and Training
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Expert Tips

Prune yew as hard as possible after the risk of harsh frosts has passed – in Britain this usually means from the last week in May and into June. Don’t begin trimming until you see about 8-10cm of new growth. This is also a good time to re-new and reshape an old hedge which has grown too wide. You can cut back hard into old wood as unlike most conifers , yew has remarkable powers of regeneration. Finish trimming yew by the end of August so that subsequent re-growth is hardened off before the winter.
Unlike box, yew dislikes being grown in pots for any length of time.


Holly roots may be damaged by black plastic mulches due to overheating. Straw is a much safer option.
Pinch out the shoot tips of holly to promote branching further back down the stems in late May
Don’t be surprised if two supposedly identical holly plants have different growth patterns – holly is frightfully wilful!
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